CurAik Martial Arts

Curiak Martial Arts and Self Defence With Brian Aiken and Alex Parker.
Learn Ju-Jitsu from ages 5-16 in a friendly atmosphere with life long skills. The class will include fun warm ups plus striking pads, escapes from strangles, wrist grabs, basic knife defences and some grappling at the end.
Ju-Jitsu is a full self-defence that covers all areas and shows many escapes from holds, and how to apply restraint techniques, defending attacks from standing and on the ground. The advanced techniques used are joint manipulations like wrist locks and arm locks, throws and sweeps, pressure points, blocks, deflections, striking skills, and Ground-Fighting skills where 95% of all fights end up on the ground. Ju-Jitsu deals with attacks with & without weapons. Find us at The Church of the Nazarene, Lower Hall, Heeley, Sheffield, S2 3BB

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