Mums United

Mums United will be running fun session focussing on themes of positivity and self confidence as well as having fun, arts and crafts, and even making our own animated films!

In our Recycling Art Project we empower and support young people to build confidence and skills in caring about environment, recycling unwanted food items
e.g cereal boxes/milk cartons by transforming them into art pieces.

The sessions will all have a positive impact on well being.

Building Confidence & Stop Motion Animation (Age 8-16)
Recycling Art Project- let’s get creative (Age 8-16)
Learning about First Aid (Age 8-16)
Strength In me Learning about self defence /building confidence and resilience (Age 8-16)
Drayton Park – coach leaving 8am (Age 10-16)
Day trip to Blackpool exciting fun day out for families (Age 8-16)

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