Eat well, be active, have fun!  

Eat well, be active, have fun!  

Eat well, be active, have fun!  

Eat well, be active, have fun!  

Eat well, be active, have fun!  

Sheffield Healthy Holidays is all about trying activities and eating food that does us good. We have loads of great activities to try out! How can I get involved?
– Take a look at this website and book one of our activities
– Follow us on @sheffieldhealthyholidays for up-to-date info

What is Sheffield Healthy Holidays?

Be active, eat well

The aim of Sheffield Healthy Holidays is to make sure that children are happy and healthy during the holidays. Our club has activities to get for both the mind and body, but overall our aim is to have lots of fun!

What’s on offer?

We’re bringing together local small group activities to engage children of all ages.

Whether you are hula-hooping in the park or having a family cook off in the kitchen, we will feed your imagination over the holidays!
We have developed a programme of ACTIVITIES with partners across Sheffield that you can enjoy at home, take outdoors and join others in your local area.

How can I get involved?

  • Take a look around this website and try one of our ACTIVITIES.
  • Take a look at the Partners list below to find your nearest Hub for a full list of local activities.
  • Follow us @SheffieldHealthyHolidays for up-to-date info.

VAS is at the heart of voluntary and community action in Sheffield.

We strive to tackle inequality; increase democratic engagement and influence change to city systems and structures to better meet people’s needs. We are ambitious and optimistic – we love Sheffield and want it to be a great city for all its people and communities. We provide a wide range of support and services to community and voluntary organisations in the city, helping those starting up, as well as established organisations. In addition to support for groups, some of our services are directed at individuals, particularly our support for volunteers and people who use health and social care services in the city.

Sheffield Healthy Holidays Partners

Create Sheffield

Create Sheffield are Sheffield’s Cultural Education Partnership. They are a charitable company set up to take the young people of Sheffield on a journey into the arts, culture and heritage sectors. From creative learning opportunities to fun things to do – they’re here to benefit the lives of all those aged 0-24. Create Sheffield is supported by IVE, the Arts Council England Bridge Organisations for Yorkshire and the Humber. For more information contact, visit our website or sign up to our newsletter.


Zest is an award-winning community enterprise delivering high quality and responsive services to local people. They are passionate community enablers, working to tackle local inequalities and improve community wellbeing. Zest manages a flagship community building, delivering responsive and integrated community, leisure, health and work support services to adults and children from Sheffield.

HAF Coordinator: David McNeil       tel: 0114 270 2040      email:

Zest Centre, 18 Upperthorpe, Sheffield, S6 3NA


SOAR is a community regeneration charity that provides a range of services designed to improve a person’s health, well-being and employability. Their mission is to enable and support local people through partnership working to improve the quality of life for North Sheffield residents.

HAF Coordinator: Hanna Ramsden    tel: 0114 213 4067      email:

SOAR Works, 14 Knutton Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S5 9NU


Manor & Castle Development Trust has spent over 20 years working with communities to take control of their own destiny and develop solutions to challenges. Alongside local people, MCDT addresses issues that matter to the community, offering a range of services and activities including training and development, help to find work, health activities, support for families, activities for older people, children and young people, and volunteering opportunities.

HAF Coordinator: Rosey Andrassy       tel: 07983 818363   email:       

Building 1, The Quadrant, 99 Parkway Avenue, Sheffield, S9 4WGP

Heeley City Farm

Heeley City Farm is a lively community hub with activities delivered all year round. Alongside volunteers, the farm grows many tonnes of fresh produce from their gardens and allotments, promoting healthy eating and low-carbon lifestyles. Young people help care for the animals at the farm through a vocational education programme.

HAF Coordinator: Suzanna Lancaster      tel: 0114 258 0482      email: 

Heeley City Farm, Richards Road, Sheffield, S2 3DT.  


Sharrow Community Forum (SCF) was founded 20 years ago by local people who wanted to have a voice and to shape what was happening in their area. Today, SCF plays a pivotal role in Sharrow, enabling community connectivity and cohesion through a range of complimentary services, volunteering, partnerships and community development work.

HAF Coordinator: Rachel Cosens       tel: 0114 250 8384       email:

Sharrow Community Forum, Old Junior School, South View Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S7 1DB


Based in Sharrow, ShipShape tackles health inequalities and empowers people to achieve their goals. They work with partner organisations and community members to run free/low-cost group activities and one-to-one development sessions. Their work covers a wide range of social issues and community backgrounds.
Shipshape Health and Wellbeing Centre, The Stables, Sharrow Lane, Sheffied S11 8AE
0114 250 0222

Darnall Wellbeing

Darnall Well Being is a local, not-for-profit, community health organisation working to help the people of Darnall, Tinsley and neighbouring areas stay healthy.
Darnall Primary Care Centre, 290 Main Road, Darnall, Sheffield S9 4QH
0114 2496315

Move More

Move More is a Sheffield-wide strategy that is being delivered by partners across the city. Move More wants Sheffield to become the most active City in the UK. And as a result see meaningful improvement in the health, wellbeing and quality of life of everybody living in the city.

Yorkshire Sport

Yorkshire Sport Foundation is a Lottery funded charity, supporting organisations across the nine districts of South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. We believe in the power of sport and physical activity to change people’s lives.  Our vision is to create a vibrant, healthy and prosperous Yorkshire through sport, supporting the work of local, regional and national organisations.

Arches School Sports Partnership

The Arches School Sport Partnership work alongside Primary and Secondary Schools to ensure that all children receive high quality Physical Education. The Arches School Sport Partnership believe that participation in high quality PE and Sport is valuable in its own right because of the specific educational outcomes and the personal, social and health benefits.

Eat Smart

Eat Smart Sheffield focusses on encouraging and supporting pupils, their families and the wider community to adopt healthier eating behaviours.
The programme works with all primary and secondary schools, as well as some additional settings including specialist schools and universities, and has two main aims:
1. To give schools the tools they need to make long term changes to their food culture and their curriculum to support healthy behaviours
2. To give pupils and their families the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to cook, grow and enjoy good quality affordable food, as well as increasing understanding of food sources and sustainability. Contact:


Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Community Programme

We endeavour to encourage confidence, active lifestyle, and participation of sport regardless of gender, ethnicity and disability in Sheffield’s residents

HAF Coordinator: Jake Spriggs Moore      tel: 0114 324 0523      email:


Saalik Youth project

Educating and Inspiring through Islamic Courses, Youth and Community Events.

We are a local grassroots-based youth project that aims to serve and support the advancement of young people and the community facing disadvantage; with a focus on ages 6-25 and those from ethnically diverse backgrounds and origins.

HAF Coordinator: Imran Ali      tel: 07979844692        email: